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Commission on Ministry


Vice Moderator

  •  Steve Quinlan, BoP Liaison


  • Sarah Bishop-Church Vitality
  • Roger Hartzler
  • Stanley Kessler
  • Rebecca Kuiken
  • David Lawrence
  • Toby Mueller
  • Louis Sandos-Pastoral Care
  • Adi Veenendaal
  • Guy Wahlman-New Pastors
  • H. Ann Williams


  • Linda L. Long, Stated Clerk


  • Jennifer Burns Lewis
  • Visioning Connecting Leader


Commission on Ministry (COM)

Book of Order: G-11.500, G-14.0502

This committee is charged with a ministry to ensure open communication and encouragement to all congregations and minister members in the Presbytery. In our congregations, this is achieved primarily through contact with those serving as pastors and with the sessions of the particular congregation focusing on gifts of individuals rather than administration by a committee reflecting a clear and singular point of contact. With our validated ministry & non-parish minister members, this is achieved through contact with those living and serving within the bounds of the presbytery in non-parish settings. Much work is done with congregations undergoing pastoral transition. The goal of the committee is to help every congregation experience a ministry of healthy excellence for the cause of Christ. Specifics of the duties and responsibilities of this committee are spelled out in Book of Order, the presbytery's standing rules, and the committee's manual.

Membership of the Commission on Ministry:


Fifteen elected at-large members, including

  • Moderator
  • Vice Moderator
  • Transitional Care Team
  • Congregational Life Team
  • Validated and Non-Parish Ministry Team
  • Training Team
  • Pastoral Leadership Development Team
  • Trauma Response Team
  • General Presbyter and Stated Clerk - ex-officio

Terms are for three years, with a second three year term possible.

From the Current Moderator

The Commission on Ministry continues to work at becoming a partner in the ministry of the congregations and pastors in our presbytery. We are accomplishing this by continuing our ministry with those congregations in turmoil and transition; by working to ensure every session is visited by someone from their congregational life team; by communicating more with our minister members in validated ministries and other non-parish settings; and by increasing our contact and awareness of our at-large and retired members. The committee also remains aware of the fact that feeding the ministry of our congregations and pastors is more beneficial to all of us, as opposed to continually fighting fires and battles. We remain in the painful process of shifting our time and energy from focusing on issues that are life draining and negative to those that will ensure healthy and positive impacts within the life of our presbytery.

Spiritual gifts, skills and/or expertise valuable to this team

Gifts of encouragement, admiration, patience, compassion, and confidentiality. A willingness to be a servant, speak the truth in love, and keep the overall health of congregational and pastoral leaders of the presbytery in view.


The committee meets at an overnight retreat in January and then the first Thursday of each month, with the teams rotating through at least twice a year meeting in the morning prior to the regular committee meeting.

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